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Our sweet Gianna got puppies at 27.12.12!
Proud father is the beautiful
"Asser" from Finland
where Gianna and me especially were flown.
He offers a perfect apricot color, an extremely short back,
a very long neck, a nice head with beautiful expression, super pigment,

an excellent head carriage and a nice movement.
He also give new stranger
bloodlines and already produced very beautiful children.

Father „Asser“ on the left and Mum Gianna right.



Here the 2 girls at the age of almost 7 weeks:

We had a visit and although the babies were only 7 weeks old
and although such an Airedale Terrier really look completely different than a poodle
with a completely different expression (look and set of ears etc.) and a very different posture (much more stiffly etc.), they had no fear of Allied and Nixe.
On the contrary, the 4-month-old Nixe and babies played really great together!
Of course, Allied had no desire as more sedate older lady.

All puppies found their new homes!