Dreams really do come true


           A newcomer? -- Yes
           A green horn? -- No

                                       Since childhood I’ve had everything to do with dogs - especially poodles.

Because dogs have always been my passion! I always wanted only one thing: to breed successful healthy and beautiful poodles with good behaviour!

             I grew up with dogs. My grandparents Manfred and Siegwina Binder have had over 35 years in the envolement with poodles and over 25 years of miniature apricot poodle expirence, which were presented on the exhibitions and used for breeding. Already in pushcare, "Nupry aus dem Serail" has gone with me as a small puppy, and at the age of five years I was in my first show ring. The show- known miniature dog "Lord aus dem Serail" showed me what I had to do in the ring.


Little Nupry, Lord und me



My dream grew up with the years steadily and constantly: I fervently wished I had my own dog to love, to show and - my biggest dream - for breeding. Unfortunately, my parents allowed me neither to own a dog nor to breed. My longing I could only realize with the poodles from my grandparents and with the help of dog-books. I visited with  my grandmother every holiday and I wanted to go with her dogs for a walk and would like to do all the other tasks of “ensuring caring ". I was also driven to almost every dog show in which my grandmother had shown her males. So I could soon be part of presenting them by myself. I was also busy with everything, which somehow had to do with dogs and I read standard books about the poodle, the right presentation in the show ring and even about dog breeding. My illusion of the ideal poodle grow up further and further.

                                                            Here I was together with my best friends



By my regular visits to dog shows I quickly learned to know very experienced and verysuccessful breeders who supported and promoted my enthusiasm and passion for dogs and whose rich experience in this area let me growing up further. Many of these acquaintances still exist today. For example to Mrs. Tiedemann, who was supporting me very much, because she took me to the dog shows and I could perform her dogs. Therefore I am very grateful today. She is still helping me with her advice - now as my breeding keeper.

        Here I am showing the white miniature poodle „Rossard le Papillon“ (called Buttje)

                                              from Mrs. Tiedemann



I did extra, in addition to the "normal" dog exhibiting, where the quality of the dogs is more important, very active “Junior-handling", a discipline in which you have to learn and exercise the presentation of the dogs in the show ring. So there is the Handler and the presentation in the foreground. In Kassel, 1999, I even reached a 1st place in the finale from Germany. There were invited the best 20 junior handlers from all over Germany. The winner was flying to Cruft's Dog Show in Birmingham to participate at the World competition, the World Finale, - a truly unique experience!

The winner photo from the Junior– Handling– Finale



Then, unfortunately, I was "too old" for this kind of discipline. Some breeders and exhibitors discovered my talent from the right presentation of the dogs and asked me to groom their dogs and to present them. And so I learned also to present strangers dogs. Even today the presentation of a dog in the show ring belongs to my greatest passions.

Buttje und me were a good team




In 2001, I finally got my first own dog! It was the Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen dog "Plisch vom Esculap", but we all call him Jack. Since then he has been a loyal companion to us. The love to the Petits I discovered the year '99. I was fascinated by the jocosely and extremely charming character of this dog breed and a long friendship with the breeder from Jack - Heidi Winkelmann - arose. Almost all my basic knowledge about healthy, beautiness, genetics and growing up puppies, I learned from her as a successful and experienced breeder and judge. In allusion to this wonderful friendship my kennel name is "Esculap Surprime".

My little sweet Jack




But there was still something missing. My dream of my own poodle breeding should now finally come true. I was looking for the right bitch. Because my heart was still in love with the miniature poodles in apricot, the choice was not difficult. In the summer of 2006, the 7-month-old "Kaya aus dem Schneckenhaus" came in our house and she delighted our life with her presence since that day. My very special thanks goes to Gisela Mücke that I got this wonderful and really beautiful bitch. Kaya is called Gianna now and she will realize my warmest desire to be fulfilled! Because my love and true connection always belongs, since my earliest childhood, to the "Apricosen".

     Gianna on her very first dog show





       And so dreams became true…

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