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our Import from the USA


„Bonheur‘s Priceless Treasure“

Call name Trey


Medium Size male red (39cm)

born on 28.06.2013

Breeder: Audrey Kelly



US Ch. Bonheur‘s Priceless

x US Ch. Bonheur Remarkably Pretty



Prcd– PRA Optigen A

Patella Luxation free

Eyes examination OK

all teeth


Luxembourg Junior Champion

Benelux Junior Winner 2014

Czech Junior Champion

Polish Junior Champion



Several Junior BOB

Best of Breed (BOB)




For a long time it was my dream to buy a male from Audrey Kelly, because I like her Kennel Type so much.

We needed 6 years until we meet each other in person and I could take Trey with me.

But waiting was worth it!

Trey has a lovely character, he is very kind to everybody and everything, decent and always happy.

This was the very first picture (above) of Trey

what I got and I was in love immediately!

Here a picture of Trey at PCA

together with his breeder Audrey Kelly.

The American Puppy Clip is quite different

to our European Trim.

After arriving here he needed to „grow up“.


Here is Treys brother (red)

Bonheur‘s Crown Jewels „Thumper“:

He loves to play with my two younger girls
Deja Vu and Lilli.

Trey passed the flight very good and has settled in our house so well.

And Treys sister

Bonheur's Secret Treasure at Patriot  „Gemma“ (apricot)