Health and breeding



Both parents and their ancestors are regularly (all two years) examined for eye and knee joint diseases, and are healthy. Also one parent is tested for and FREE (A) of the Pathogenic gene for PRA, a hereditary eye disease, this meaning that PRA in this type is imposable for the puppies to have.



My puppies are dewormed, chipped and vaccinated.


I also provide voluntarily a certified document from a veterinary surgeon who examines the puppies.


Although is a matter of concern for an organized breeder,
I nevertheless want to emphasize it:  

- my bitches will not have their first mating before the minimum age of 15 months
           - my females have the last mating maximum at the end of their 8th year
                      (There are only a few exceptions for particularly good and beautiful brodbitches, but it must be

                      requested and approved by the main-breeding-guard and then the approval is only for the next heat/

                      season after the end of the 8th year.)
           - after a litter of 6 puppies my brodbitches will not have her next mating until 10 months after the puppies

             were born
           - after a litter of more than 6 puppies my motherbitches will not have the next mating before expiry

             of 16 months


All these rules are to protect the females

and exclude a "mass production" of puppies!

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