Bugs Bunny Esculap Surprime


A very nice male from a very good mating

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„Bugs Bunny Esculap Surprime“,

called Bugs


Brother of

Bruno Banani Esculap Surprime



C.I.B Group & BISS Placements  Shantyman‘s Charme

von der Golden Venus

x C.I.B R.WW‘10 R.BIS WINNER  Kaya aus dem Schneckenhaus


Medium size male apricot (42cm)

Born: 03.03.2010



Prcd PRA n/n free (A)

Katarakt, RD, PRA, CEA, PHTVL/PHPV free

Patella Luxation free

All teeth


German Champion VDH

German Champion DPK

DPK Clubwinner

DPK Winner 2013

Junior Champion VDH

Junior Champion DPK

DPK Junior Winner 2011


Several BOB

All in Modern Clip!


Head: extreme long, slim and masculin

Eye: small and dark

Ears: extremely long and fleshy, excellent attached and carried

Neck: excellent neck length

Pigment: brown nose, brown lips– and black padpigmentation

Front: excellent shoulder– and upper arm position,

because of that excellent angulation, very good forechest

Body: very good chest depth and good wide ribs

Back: straight and strong back

Tail: excellent tailset with excellent tail carriage

Hindquarters: excellent hindquarter angulation

Paws: excellent knuckled feet

Coat: extreme thick and profuse

Colour: excellent strong, saturate, warm and bright apricot colour

Movement: quiet, ground covering and harmonious movement

with noble high head carriage

Character: kind, very calm, clinging and trustful nature

He is a lamb!!!

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