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We have puppies!!!

At 07.07.2015 we got 7 puppies in lighter and darker apricot colour!!!

There are (as always) 4 boys and also 3 girls born.

We have fought for the life of one of the boys over almost 2 weeks.
He had the worst possible start conditions,
because he was born with a birth weight of just 67 grams (2,36 oz).
One girl also had only 96 grams (3,38 oz) and one more only 125 grams (4,4 oz).
Normal birth weights at my puppies usually is around 200 grams (7 oz),

that means that I had here in this litter even 3 puppies

who had only one-third to half of the normal birth weight.
Therefore my vet and I believe that the placenta, for whatever reason,
was not OK at this place, because they were born one after another in decreasing order
and only after the small boy this uterine horn was empty.
The two girls did their job great right after the birth and immediately put on weight.
The small boy stay the first 3 days of his weight

until he finally put on a few grams!
But he was still very critically.
Only after 2 weeks of hard fighting I can relax slowly and think he will make it.
For my vet it is almost a miracle when she recognized that it seemed that he will do it.
I also was very pessimistic if he will make it or not and I feared every time
when I looked in the whelping box, the worst case.
But he's an absolute fighter and has an irrepressible will to live!
I now was asked so often if I think that he will
stay generally very small?
This I would deny at the moment, there are plenty of examples of these cases (!),
but at the end I can say it earliest at the age of 8 to 10 weeks.
But enough of our initial difficulties
and just enjoy the pictures of the sweet and pretty little babys,
because apart from the current differences in size, where I think, as I said above,

that this will change and grow out, I find the litter very nice!

Here the 4 boys at the age of almost 3 weeks in front of my beautiful hydrangea

And now the 3 girls:

Here they are one week old: