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We have puppies!!!

At 15.12.2016 our J– litter was born!!!!

We got 3 healthy boys and 2 girls!

For this litter we have spared no expense or effort 

and after a very exciting trip to Finland,

where nothing worked out except the mating itself,

we were even more happy, that we were rewarded for our efforts

and really got 5 beautiful puppies!!!

This mating will give me and my breeding a new bloodline.

I am very excited about the future developement of these puppies!

I think these two parents are a pretty couple!

Little boy.

Middle-size boy.

Big boy.

The two girls are middle– sized and almost equal sized.

The girl on the left side is a little bit darker, the girl on the right side is absolutely looking like her mother.


Now we have the eyes open

and we can hear in the meanwhile

also a little bit.



Above left side the middle-size boy.

Above right side the smaller boy.

Right side the big boy.





Below the 2 girls:

left side the little bit darker girl,

right side the Mini– Lilli.