Pedigree of Yankee,

„Severnaya Roza Yankee



Great– Grandparents

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Fire in My Heart Royal Amber


Champion in Lithuania

Champion in Estonia

Champion in Latvia etc.

Severnaya Roza

Fantasy of White Night


Russian Champion

Champion RKF


Madari Royal Sand Unikat Vorton

                     International Champion

                      German Champion (VDH+VDP)

                      Champion in the Netherlands

                      Champion in Lux. + Austria etc.

                            BIS and BIG Winner

                                    Amber Shadow

                                   Latvian Champion

                              Estonian Junior Champion

                               Latvian Junior Champion

                             Lithuanian Junior Champion

Karnaval s Tsvetochnoi Polyany

Multi BIG and BIS Winner etc.

Chainaya Roza iz Doma Tajur

BIS and World Winner, HD- A etc.



Ronny Madari Royal von Ratenau

Madari Royal Mabeja

Spanisch Gold von Ratenau

International Champion etc. 


Bibilott Baa Lamb


Evelina Grafinya De Anri De Loreley

Saisonelle Master Class

from Australia, lives in Sweden

International Champion etc.

Vanderful Pleis Venesuella


Multi BIG and BIS Winner etc.

Noveltys Simply Simon

from USA; lived in Russia

Milaya Igruniya iz Doma Tajur