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Over the moon!!!

Buddy wins Best in Show!!! (24.04.2016)

I even have scolded with Co- owner Gundula, when I got to know
that she has entered Buddy again in Stetten at the Show of the "glassy Poodle"
because (A) Buddy won the "glassy poodles" last year already
and the 2nd reason was that he already finished all other titles in Austria.
So there was no reason for him to be shown there.
That‘s why I asked Gundula what she wants at this show?

The awnser: Making Best in Show!!!

So Gundula was right and I was not :-)

Thus he was best poodle of almost 50 entered poodles of all sizes and colours!

And he won the „glassy Poodle“ again of course!

Judge was the Austrian Group Judge Guenther Ehrenreich.

A big thank you!!!!

Another thank you to Julia Freier, who groomed our Buddy as always so nice .

And a big heartfelt congratulation to our Gunduli and a thank you to you too,

that you love Buddy so much and that you enjoy so much to show him!!!

Hula rev up!!! (22.04 + 10.04.2016)

After 2 successful days of Hula in January at  Double CACIB Show

in Ljubljana (Slovenia) in Puppy Class,

she won both days Best Puppy of Breed,

she was now shown the first 2 times in Junior class in Poland.

At the beginning of April at National Dogshow in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki

and at the Middle/End of April in Opole at Clubwinner Show of Poland,

which is only once a year.

Both times Hula Hoop reached the same result:

She won J- CAC for Polish Junior Champion,

became Junior BOB and even Best of Breed (BOB)!!!

Moreover she won at Polish Clubwinner Show the title

Polish Club Junior Winner!!!

Many thanks to Russian judge Elena Yerusalimskaya, who judged in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki,

and also to well known judge Adam Ostrowski, who judged in Opole at Clubwinner Show.

Many thanks to Russian Groomer Anna Bardysheva for this wunderful Clip, too.

And to owner Katarzyna Stachowicz big congratulations and a big thank you,

that you always try to give your best with Hula, although it is not easy during pregnancy!

Buddy bereist Europa (02.+03.04.2016)

Buddy ist nun auch neuer Slowakischer Champion,

nachdem er ein erfolgreiches Wochenende in Nitra absolviert hat!!!

Dort gewann er nämlich am Samstag unter dem

berühmten Italienischen Pudelrichter Bruno Nodalli mit einer super Beurteilung

die Anwartschaft für den Slowakischen Champion,

die Anwartschaft für den Internationalen Champion

und wurde darüber hinaus noch Bester der Rasse (BOB)!!!

Am Sonntag gewann er unter dem Slowakischen Richter Jaroslav Matyas

die letzte noch fehlende Anwartschaft für den Slowakischen Champion,

sowie den Reserve Anwartschaft für den Internationalen Champion.

An diesem Tag wurde Armanis Tochter Leyla Ameera Aga– Regi,

gezüchtet und im Besitz von Agnieszka Skubik aus Polen,

Beste der Rasse (BOB).

Der Titel blieb also quasi in der Familie :-)

Herr Nodalli bescheinigte Buddy ein „vorzügliches Gangwerk“!


Ein herzlichen Dank

an beide Richter!


Buddy ist nun in 9 Europäischen Ländern Champion!!!!

Deutschland, Dänemark, Polen, Tschechei, Slowakei, Österreich, Italien, Luxemburg und die Niederlande!!!