„Plisch vom Esculap“

Call name Jack

Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen dog (~36cm = ~14 inches)

Born at 29.09.2001

breeder: Heidi Winkelmann


Patella Luxation free

Eyes examination OK

All teeth


VDH– Bundes– Jugendsieger (Federal– Juniorwinner)

Junior– Champion CBGV

German Champion VDH

German Champion CBGV

Poland Champion

VDH– Bundessieger 2007 (Federal- Winner)

„Exellent 1“ at the Nationale d‘ Élevage in France,

the country of origin and standard leader from the Petit


several Best of Breed (BOB)

BIG#3 Rostock 2004

And pal Jack who enjoy his „retirement“





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