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The F- litter!!!

At 29.12.2013 the „7 dwarfs“ were born.

Our „F‘s“ were/are 3 males and 4 females.

It was the very last litter by our Gianna (Kaya), because now she is retired.

For father Yankee it was the very first litter.

I liked this litter very much!

Besides the fact that the puppies were very pretty and appealing,

they also had a fantastic lively, joyful and above all strong and open temper!

Fisherman‘s Friend „Milo“

Fred Feuerstein „Freddy“

Ferrari „Digga“

First Lady „Maya“

Femme Fatale

Ferrero Küsschen

(she is the only puppy who is round about 3 weeks older on these pictures)

Flower Power „Mia“